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I love what I do and that energy is at its fullest when helping clients grow their business. But, let’s get a little more specific. I’ve been working proposals, presentations, demonstrations, and videos with teams and individuals for over 15 years and I consistently see the following 3 challenges that inhibit growth:

1. Unsubstantiated platitudes “our premier cyber approach” or “we are world class”

2. Linear speaking styles (left brain/data only) that bore and confuse by slowly building to the point

3. Cluttered and convoluted slides, briefing materials, videos, and websites

So, the question is, how do you better communicate the value of your ideas to differentiate your organization?

We Can Help

We work with clients, leveraging frameworks used by CIA Briefers, to identify and prioritize specific government challenges and articulate technical solutions in a persuasive and easily absorbable manner. This is an analytical process that changes the way you think…Shifting from a linear style to bold upfront assertions that demonstrate your expertise and the results you can deliver.

But, your message must also connect with the gut (right brain) to be effective. Because of this, our team combines film and design skill sets not normally associated with federal contracting to develop clean and impactful supporting materials and memorable stories that fuel conversation long after you leave the room.

Please drop us an e-mail to get started.

About Us

Eric Prostejovsky

Eric Prostejovsky is a leading business consultant for commercial and government markets. Eric has leveraged his 15 years of experience in global analysis, strategic planning and new market development into a consultancy dedicated to helping clients grow their business.

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