How Can We Benefit Your Business?

Coaching only works when there is trust and rapport. We rapidly gain both as clients quickly grasp our deep understanding of business, technology, and government markets. But there’s more to it…The human element of the job cannot be overstated. Our ability to build relationships, use humor, and push when appropriate gets results.

And speaking of results, let’s be candid, most talks are fair at best (speaking and polite applause). To overcome this, we use a series of CIA analytical exercises to help reveal and develop fresh ideas that differentiate your organization. We then guide you in the story development process digging deep to unearth examples that drive your message home. Finally, we couple tips and techniques used by the best in the business to fuse energy, passion, fluidity and polish into your talks. 

If you’d like to learn more about why stories work, check out “The Profit Power of Story” video in the frame below.



The potential of video is limitless. And the stats support this…

According to Forbes Insight, 59% of senior executives would rather watch a video than read text. And 80% of all internet traffic will be video by 2019, according to Cisco. 

But, there’s a flip side. Poorly produced videos can tarnish your brand and sack growth. Stated another way, you don’t want your video going viral on YouTube because it’s so bad that people can’t stop watching.

In a Twitter Facebook world, you only have seconds to interest your viewer. We guide you through all the steps (discovery, script, film, and edit) to develop a video with punch. We also cover the intangibles like knowing how to keep things loose and fun to achieve natural performances. This coupled with years of experience in all aspects of production and direction guarantees impact.

Check out our video “How to Create a Winning FEDSIM Video” below to learn more.

I’ve led and coached hundreds of technical demos. If done well, growth will follow, as the power of tangible capability trumps all promises and platitudes. But, the problem is, many teams focus too much on what the tech is rather than on what the tech does for the customer.

We work with teams, focusing on customer need, to orchestrate buzz generating performances. Think of it this way, do you want your demo to capture and enthrall like the trailer to Indiana Jones, or would you rather offer text book banality to the customer? To achieve your business version of Spielberg, we map technical capability to specific customer challenges using compelling mission scenarios. These scenarios are artfully designed (picture, pace, punch, and polish) to demonstrate and contextualize specific results your technology delivers. You want the customer energized…They need to see and feel the potential benefit of your solution.


Expertise Areas:

Orals Coaching
Executive Coaching
Leadership Development
Video Production
Technical Demonstrations
Growth Strategy

Execution – We Serve as an Advocate for Your Business

Presentations, Proposals, and Persuasion – Struggling to bring your new product to market? We handle all of the details. Story development, messaging, proposal writing, briefings and video presentations. Everything you need to make your case in the market.

Conference & Meeting Facilitation –
Wit, humor, focus, and keen questions are normally required. We bring all in abundance.

Communication Lead –
If you have a major project that requires more than talk to meet a deadline, we step in and make it happen for you.

Seminars and Workshops – Half, Full, and Two Day

Topics Include:

Demystifying Innovation – Pioneer with a Plan

Eye of the Entrepreneur – Getting Others to See What You See

Leadership in a Twitter Facebook World

Speeches & Talks

Topics include:

We Don’t Need Another Hero – Innovation Myths and Solutions

Death of a Salesperson – Why Sales is Killing Your Growth

Brightstarr’s War – Life and Death Communications


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